About SJMA :

St. Jude's Music Academy (SJMA) was established in the year 2009. While this journey of music started in the year 2002, we formally set up SJMA in 2009.
We welcome all musicians to SJMA, the best western/carnatic/contemporary music academy in the north chennai. SJMA provides a dynamic, diverse, and comprehensive learning environment to study music.

We are here to cultivate new music, interdisciplinary collaborations and new approaches to education and performance. SJMA fosters a mature community for musicians and music lovers, providing them with an evolved perspective that transforms their relationship with music.
The Academy seeks to provide music education that builds character and personality, preparing students to enter the music industry as performers, arrangers, songwriters, composers, producers, teachers and more.

Our Trinity College London

Students can take up grade exams in music conducted by Trinity College London once they complete a basic course. The grading begins with the Initial Grade, and is then numbered from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in increasing difficulty.
Candidates are rated under three categories – the performance of musical pieces, technical work such as scales, and supporting tests such as sight reading and improvisation. Candidates are graded on a scale from 1 to 100, with 60 being the pass mark. Candidates have some flexibility in the choices of pieces and tests prepared for each of these sections. 

Though the batch could comprise of students at various levels and of different ages they are personally coached taking into account their comfort-level of learning. The student will have to attend the exam on the said date / time and pass the respective exam to qualify for certification. 

Our Mission

St.Jude's Music Academy aims to provide a challenging academic program in music that fosters a collaborative exchange of ideas and thoughts in a culturally rich environment exemplifying the notion of a global community.

By blending the best of Indian traditional classical music and contemporary western trinity college education practice, the academy seeks to not only provide a unique and rounded music education but also build character and personality in its students and prepare them for careers in music as performers, arrangers, songwriters, composers, producers, teachers and more.